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Conquest Overland talks with Crystal Rainier Retreat

Crystal Rainier Retreat Interview with Michael Guagliardo of Conquest Overland Kelly Butte Fire Lookout All photos were provided courtesy of Michael Guagliardo of Conquest Overland. We published a post recently about Lonesome Lake — a jewel of a watering hole located about 15 miles into the woods from the cabin — and shared a winter video of Conquest Overland’s driving trip there. We were curious about them and learned that Michael Guagliardo and Korina Kaelin explore and hike every chance they get. We invited them to speak with us about their adventures near Greenwater. Crystal Rainier Retreat: We see that you post quite a bit on your Instagram and YouTube channels about places right near the cabin. What is it about Greenwater that tempts you into exploring it? Conquest Overland: We have a strong passion for getting out in our backyard. We’re based out of Puyallup, so Greenwater is an easy drive down 410 and boom, we’re right there. Crystal Rainier Retreat: What is your favorite spot to visit in Greenwater and what do you do there? Conquest Overland: It’s hard to pick a favorite, but we do visit Kelly Butte Fire Lookout quite a bit. There’s a Forest Service […]

Mountain Biking at its Best

Mountain Biking 410 Trails Near Greenwater, Washington Twenty-two trails covering more than 29 miles of climbs and descents makes Greenwater, Washington a destination hub for mountain biking enthusiasts looking for breath-taking views throughout the Mount Rainer area. Skookum Flats Mountain Bike Trail   10.8 mile loop Intermediate Ascent 621’ Descent -620’ High: 2,526’ Low: 2,085’ Max Grade 7% Skookum Flats is considered a showcase river trail in the Pacific Northwest. Dash through old-growth forests punctuated by smashing views. The lush scenery probably won’t distract you from the steep climbs, narrow contour trail segments, or creek segments. If you’ve been dying to get out and ride, spring is the perfect time to go. The early offers up fewer visitors. In the summer, the trail is populated with adults, kids, and pets on foot, so stay on your toes! The first and last mile is easiest, and you can include the White River Trail and make your ride a loop. Trailforks is an outstanding resource for information about mountain biking trails throughout the Greenwater area. They have tons of information, ratings, videos, and other vital information to help inform and prepare you for your next adventure. Safety Always be safe! Read our […]

Planning and Provisions For Every Hike

Our Thoughts on Wilderness Safety Are the mountains are calling you? From the earthen cedar-scented trails to the high blue sky, nature offers your senses a catharsis: no cell phone interruptions, no traffic, no murmur of the crowd at the office. The stress of daily life falls behind you with every step forward into the woods. Sirens, honking horns, squealing breaks melt away. Those distractions are traded for the sounds on the trail, like treetops creaking, their branches whispering sighs in the wind. The ticking of insects or the occasional crashing of a deer through the lower brush. Or the secret sounds of the waterfalls spraying down the face of a ledge. And your breathing mixed in with the rest. The forest gives you an entirely different sense of your place in the world. To be in nature’s cathedral requires a healthy respect for your journey and preparedness to appropriately face and respond to the elements. Our family has been hiking our whole lives. As soon as they were able, we made time to get the kids on the trail with a hope of building muscles, confidence, and a respectful love of the woods. This by no means makes us […]

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