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Incredible Facts About Our Resident Roosevelt Elk

The local Roosevelt elk have been delighting guests since the cabin opened. They are a comforting presence and reminder of how close we are to wildlife here in Greenwater, Washington. Many are unaware of how lucky we are today that these elk still exist, even if there are only an estimated 700 left that live in the Rainier National Park, and between 150 and 500 live in the Greenwater area. We were curious to learn more about them. We’d like to share what we’ve learned about these beautiful creatures that visit the cabin regularly. How Roosevelt Elk got their name President Roosevelt had a powerful connection to nature from his early days exploring the West. The sacred, raw beauty of the land and the shameful eradication of species during his time struck a deep chord. His later acts to protect our lands earned him the nickname “The Conversationist President.” An ironic name for a wealthy Harvard Graduate New Yorker, some may think. His mark upon this great country is felt even today, from the childhood staple — the Teddy Bear — to summer meccas like Yellowstone National Park, where he laid the cornerstone of the park’s northern entrance. Theodore Roosevelt […]

A New Thanksgiving Menu

Create a New Thanksgiving Menu That Includes Gluten-Free and Keto Diet Options Thanksgiving dinners need to be creative these days. More than ever, friends, neighbors, and families have diverse dietary restrictions. Planning a big diverse-food dinner can seem overwhelming. But imagine hosting people you love and miss together under one roof. Enjoying a delicious meal. Talking, laughing, remembering when. No one is suffering from debilitating effects from eating dinner. And no one has a sad plate. You know, the one with two skimpy sides? A solemn handful of plain salad and lonely sticks of celery. Instead, everyone is rubbing their belly, savoring all the deliciousness. Diet Inclusion Perhaps someone suffers from sensitivity to gluten. Someone else is trying to stick to their Keto diet. To make it easier, we put together this post. It includes information about Keto, Gluten Intolerance, lists of foods to avoid, and best of all, offers a collection of recipes to suit both camps. There hasn’t been time to use the Cabin’s test kitchen this year, but we are sharing our findings in the hopes that something will catch your eye, pique your interest, or inspire an adaptation for your Thanksgiving menu this year. Diets: Then […]

Changes at Crystal Mountain

New Season Passes and Improvements Our family loves to ski and snowboard — we never miss a season. Crystal Mountain has some of the best terrain for winter sports throughout the Pacific Northwest and attracts advanced skiers, boarders, and other winter enthusiasts from around the country each year. Last year, the Kircher family sold Crystal Mountain to Alterra Mountain Company so we wanted to understand and share what this means to visitors who return each year. Since Alterra-owned properties are anchored in North America but also span the globe, the season passes extend beyond any single resort, including Crystal Mountain. Property Upgrades and Improvements Crystal has added new attractions to keep you and your family entertained and safe on the mountain. They’ve spent $4.6 million, improving visitor purchasing and wait times, and increased accessibility to lifts. We’ve previously written about the gondola rides — the new owners have added 12 new gondola cabins. They have also installed a new 200-foot Sunkid conveyor by the Discovery lift to provide visitors a better transition before getting on a chairlift. The terrain park Silver Park is moving to Quicksilver for direct chairlift access. They’ve added more snowcats and two new pick-points so groomers […]