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Hike to Echo Lake in Greenwater, WA

Covid-19 Togetherness Update As of May 22, 2020, the Greenwater and Echo Lakes trailhead has opened. While the campgrounds are not yet open as of May 27, 2020, you can bring your family to Crystal Rainier Retreat and stay in luxury as your active family explores the trail to Echo Lake. There are some wonderful resources available that share more about the details of the trailhead, like VisitRainier’s helpful article or the Washington Trails Association’s meticulous notes and reviews from hikers. To get to the trailhead, travel eastbound on SR 410 from Enumclaw. Turn left onto Forest Service Road No. 70. In just under 10 miles, look for a gravel spur on the right and the trailhead sign that leads to parking and the trailhead. The maps are Green Trails No. 238 and No. 239 Lester. This trailhead will eventually branch off on the way to Lost Lake. About three miles in from the trailhead, there is a posted sign for Lost Lake and Echo Lake – turn left at the junction to head to Echo Lake and the Maggie Creek Trail. The Basics 14 miles round trip to Echo Lake Elevation gain is 1900 ft The highest point is […]

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Finding Beauty in Challenging Times

Yes, there have been overwhelming impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, but there is also great beauty at this moment. We want to share what we are grateful for today: REPAIRS – The earth is getting a much-needed break, responding almost instantly to less human activity. We’ve been reflecting as a family on ways we can reduce our energy use because we can see that the earth really does need our participation in a good solution. TIME – Despite being cooped up together, there is still a gift in being together. For those of us with kids, yes, they do grow up too fast and we’ve been afforded a rare opportunity not seen for generations. How can we make better use of our family time together as more of life opens back up? TGI TEACHERS – We’ve taken on the role of teacher, and have gotten only a small taste of what it takes for others to not only teach but help raise our children for months and years on end. TAKING STOCK – Perhaps the most precious gift has been a season in which we can take stock. Account for our actions and the impact our activities have. The choices […]

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Lifting Quarantine Responsibly

Covid-19 Togetherness Update We’ve all been experiencing togetherness more than ever. For weeks, we’ve all endured “stay safe, stay home” rules that have begun to pay off. It hasn’t been easy to hem ourselves in yet ironically distance ourselves out of our homes. We’d venture even further to say it’s been particularly hard for all of us Pacific Northwesterners to suspend our recreation habits. We are a community of hikers, mountain bikers, campers, and so on. Easing Outdoor Activity Rules Now that we’re seeing a slight shift with Governor Jay Inslee’s announcement Monday that Washington will partially open outdoor recreation activities May 5th, we’d like to make a humble suggestion: pack your family and your common sense and come get some fresh air. If the kids have been climbing the walls, get them up here and let them burn some of that energy off with trails right by the cabin. Bring Your Gear Almost everyone is itching to get outdoors. Come to Crystal Rainier Retreat — with traffic virtually non-existent, the drive over is quick. If you have a fuel-efficient car and your tank is full, you can make it round trip from Seattle and Bellevue without needing to stop […]

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