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Lifting Quarantine Responsibly

Covid-19 Togetherness Update

We’ve all been experiencing togetherness more than ever. For weeks, we’ve all endured “stay safe, stay home” rules that have begun to pay off. It hasn’t been easy to hem ourselves in yet ironically distance ourselves out of our homes. We’d venture even further to say it’s been particularly hard for all of us Pacific Northwesterners to suspend our recreation habits. We are a community of hikers, mountain bikers, campers, and so on.

Easing Outdoor Activity Rules

Now that we’re seeing a slight shift with Governor Jay Inslee’s announcement Monday that Washington will partially open outdoor recreation activities May 5th, we’d like to make a humble suggestion: pack your family and your common sense and come get some fresh air. If the kids have been climbing the walls, get them up here and let them burn some of that energy off with trails right by the cabin.

Bring Your Gear

Almost everyone is itching to get outdoors. Come to Crystal Rainier Retreat — with traffic virtually non-existent, the drive over is quick. If you have a fuel-efficient car and your tank is full, you can make it round trip from Seattle and Bellevue without needing to stop for gas. If you do need to stop, pop on your mask and gloves to show your care for other people and communities.

Relax Responsibly

The best way to break this pandemic is to look out for others and abide by a minimum of 6 feet from others outside your household. We were surprised to learn from family and friends just how many of us have compromised immune systems. Thankfully, wearing a mask and gloves and steering clear of other people, is proving to be effective. We’re not out of the woods yet, but if we give ourselves permission to get out of the house while being cautious when we cross paths with others, we can prove that we don’t need to be told to stay home. Of course, if we can’t manage a few no-nonsense precautions, then it’s better we all do stay home until there’s another proven solution in place to fight this virus. That’s what real togetherness looks like.

Book A Few Days and Recharge

We’re all experiencing some form of restlessness and fatigue. The cabin is always a great choice because it takes you out of your environment and headspace and plops you down in the middle of nature. The cedar-lined paths smell amazing. All the living creatures going about their lives can give you just the pause you need to shake off the blues. The extra TVs means you can all watch your own Netflix shows. Tired of TV? Step outside! The trails mean you can all take a breather and get some clean mountain air. If you and your family need a few days out of the house, stay at Crystal Rainier Retreat. Book now and take a break!