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A New Thanksgiving Menu


Create a New Thanksgiving Menu That Includes Gluten-Free and Keto Diet Options

Thanksgiving dinners need to be creative these days. More than ever, friends, neighbors, and families have diverse dietary restrictions.

Planning a big diverse-food dinner can seem overwhelming.

But imagine hosting people you love and miss together under one roof. Enjoying a delicious meal. Talking, laughing, remembering when. No one is suffering from debilitating effects from eating dinner. And no one has a sad plate. You know, the one with two skimpy sides? A solemn handful of plain salad and lonely sticks of celery. Instead, everyone is rubbing their belly, savoring all the deliciousness.

Diet Inclusion

Perhaps someone suffers from sensitivity to gluten. Someone else is trying to stick to their Keto diet. To make it easier, we put together this post. It includes information about Keto, Gluten Intolerance, lists of foods to avoid, and best of all, offers a collection of recipes to suit both camps.

There hasn’t been time to use the Cabin’s test kitchen this year, but we are sharing our findings in the hopes that something will catch your eye, pique your interest, or inspire an adaptation for your Thanksgiving menu this year.

Diets: Then vs. Now


The general mindset when dieting used to include cheat days. Cheat days were for special occasions like big holiday dinners. This was for the average dieter counting calories and weighing portions.

The consequences are severe for Keto dieters or those suffering from Celiac disease.


The GI (Gastro-Intestinal) tracts of Gluten-Free or Keto dieters have been reset. They tend to trigger easily. When GIs get out of whack, look out. The immune system can also be compromised. Foods these dieters eat train their GI tract what to expect. So people who go off these diets, they really do suffer. And they are exposed to a higher rate of illness. Their immune system’s defenses go haywire trying to adjust to the disruption.

Recipes for the Keto Set

Keto seems to be all the rage…or is it? It’s been around for decades and known by different names (Adkins). We know several friends who have incorporated Keto guidelines into their own diets. We don’t claim to be doctors or experts, but we are familiar with Keto. Knowing a few basic facts can help you keep your Keto loved ones in mind when cooking this year.

The Keys to Keto

Key things to avoid for your Keto guests:

  • Carbs (bread, crusts, cookies, flour)
  • Sugar
  • Fruits
  • Root Vegetables
  • Beans
  • Dairy (some kinds)

Sugar is a major culprit, lurking in many foods and processed meats. To see the full list of what Keto dieters must avoid, check out the Adkins chart for details.

Is your menu laced with these? Not to worry. Keep those for the folks who want (or can) eat Old School! There are some simple and tasty substitutes, and many of them are kinder to everyone’s GI tract.

Hundreds of Keto Recipes

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The Gluten Factor

Going Gluten-Free is a horse of a different color. Those afflicted with either a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease can experience penetrating headaches, autoimmune malfunctions, and GI tract damage to the small intestine. In short, even a little gluten can be painful and even dangerous. If you’re curious about gluten intolerance, the Mayo Clinic is an excellent resource, as is the Celiac Disease Foundation.

Foods to Avoid for Your Gluten-Free Guests

Any derivation of wheat. Other no-nos include:

  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Triticale (a cross between wheat and rye)
  • Oats
  • Spelt

These devils can sneak into many processed foods:

  • Flour
  • Matzo
  • Couscous
  • Malt Vinegar
  • Soy Sauce
  • Seasonings and spice mixes
  • Condiments
  • Chicken Broth
  • Veggie Burgers
  • Soba Noodles

Many foods are naturally gluten-free, so this creates lots of opportunities for your Thanksgiving menu!

Gluten-Free Recipes

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Perfect Thanksgiving Test Kitchen Cabin Extravaganza!

Our cabin kitchen is loaded with pots, pans, and gadgets to help make the perfect meal. If you’re thinking of getting in that last fall hike or early skiing (the weather could go either way this year), why not make your late fall vacation one to remember?

We book one group at a time on the property, with tons of room for up to 6 adults. The family-friendly cabin rental located 15 miles to Mount Rainier.

Discover your path and make new traditions!

By folding in a few new recipes this year, your loved ones will appreciate your thoughtfulness and care. Consider booking a last-minute trip to the cabin to unwind before the holidays kick into high gear. See availability and reduced fall pricing here.