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The Cabin that Love Built

Snow covered private cabin Crystal Rainier Retreat

When we built Crystal Rainier Retreat we put love and intention behind our efforts. We wanted to offer something for homebodies as well as those who crave outdoor adventures.

We imagined families who wanted a place to take their kids. Couples who needed a space to be together. Friends who wanted something a little more than a girls’ night out.

We are all those things, too. We are husband and wife, we have kids, and we need time with our friends. Sometimes, we like to hang out at the cabin and other times, we’ve just got to get outside. Our cabin is located at the backdoor to Mount Rainier, within easy distance to Crystal, which means we can choose to do any or all of those things. We made sure there would be plenty of space to both be together as a family and plenty of spaces in the cabin to enjoy some quality alone time.

The Beauty of Being Together

Couple Walking Through Forest on Snowy Path at Crystal Rainier Retreat

Sometimes, being with each other in the solitude of the forest is all it takes. We’re one gorgeous drive away from the city — about 90 minutes outside of Seattle. Our retreat is ideally situated for you and your mate to put the mad rush of the city on pause so you can reawaken with nature and each other.

From cuddling up while your pot roast slow-cooks to a day’s adventure traversing through old-growth forests, we’ve put together some suggestions for whatever your heart desires – even if you and your significant other need some alone time. While one takes a thoughtful walk in the woods, the other can grab a book and curl up in precious silence.

There is nothing quite like enjoying time together at our cabin. We’re close to countless hiking trails, and our cabin offers plenty of room to relax in luxurious comfort. 

Hanging out at the cabin

We used our imagination to build out a spacious place with plenty of things to do inside as well as outside. Here are some of the things we do as a couple, as a family, and with a group of friends. 

Movie Binge

Snuggle up on our roomy couch together with a glass of wine and watch a movie. Make some popcorn and enjoy it the way you like — with or without the truffle oil.

Read a Book

When was the last time you read for pleasure? Quiet is hard to come by these days. Why not put aside your to-do list, and simply meditate or read a book in our nook bed. Put your phone on silent (or turn it off) and stretch out by the top floor window. Reflect on the forest scene — it doesn’t disappoint. Once in a while, the silence may be punctuated by the bugling calls of the neighborhood elk. There’s something so peaceful about just doing nothing but diving into a great book!

Two Words: Test Kitchen

Already thinking about Thanksgiving? Why not bring some ingredients and spend a leisurely afternoon testing some new side dishes? Our kitchen is fully stocked, so create to your heart’s content!

Games, Games, Games

When was the last time you sat down and played an actual game? We have a variety of board games and cards. Unplug and kick it old school. You’ll be surprised how much fun it is to play with your better half at the table and in person.

Take a Romantic Spa Break Together

Our spa room is a custom sauna with an oversized shower, complete with stereo and lights that can put a little spice into your one-on-one time. Our eight-jet sauna is the perfect way to end a day’s cooking, hiking, or…anything else.

Elk Bugling

Who knew this was a thing? Autumn is the time when our local elk herds are sorting out their dominance issues. You may hear their unique calls and perhaps catch some sparring events. We have enjoyed watching a Roosevelt elk herd amble through our neighborhood from the kitchen window. The surrounding forests are thick with wildlife who are active year-round.

Autumn Foliage Scenic Drives

Hiking Scenery Near Greenwater Washington

We are smack in the middle of some of the most beautiful scenery Mt. Rainier has to offer. If you’re not up for one of our top recommended fall hikes, we suggest taking the drive to see the sights along the Chinook Pass (Highway 410). Make a picnic basket and bring a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee and take the time to pull off at the various trailheads to look around. If a day hike is not in your plans, many of the trailheads offer shorter paths where you can get some fresh air and take in the stunning scenery before heading to your next stop.

Build Your Photo Album

Snoquera Falls Hiking Family at Trail Sign

Take some of your memories with you. Several trails, rivers, lakes, and of course the big shot — Mt. Rainier — are close by, so you are minutes from capturing the beauty of nature right on your phone. Allow room to slow down and appreciate all the intricate designs nature lays before you throughout the area. Once you’ve returned to the city, you’ll be glad you spent time communing with the forest here.

Early Winter Sports on Mt. Rainier

This year hints to be an early one for snow. Check out cross-country, snowshoeing, skiing, and snowboarding opportunities at Crystal Mountain. Avoid the usual lines and bustle by planning your trip mid-week.

Girls’ Night In

Two friends wine glasses toasting

We recently hosted a gathering of friends where we invited a Yoga instructor to start our weekend off with some gentle stretching and relaxation techniques. Another friend volunteered to lead us through a great facial routine. In between, we enjoyed each other’s cooking and some wonderful wines from Walla Walla, Washington. Throughout our evening, we caught up with each other, talking late into the night. Finally we each found our own rooms and collapsed into bed. There’s nothing like a good night’s rest in the woods after laughing late into the night with friends.

Discover Your Path Here

Trade your daily grind for a truly private cabin with tons of room and amenities. Our retreat is ideally situated for you and your mate to put the mad rush of the city on pause so you can reconnect with nature and more importantly, with each other.

Our attractive mid-week Autumn rates make booking your time at Crystal Rainier Retreat irresistible, so grab your mate, or the kids, or your friends and make time for what matters in your life. We’d love to have you stay in the cabin that love built!